API Developers

We've built TheMotion platform and APIs with a special focus on developers who are going to integrate with us. From the ground up, our technology is simple to use and easy to integrate. And really fun to play with ;)

With our API, you can automate video creation and create your actions/triggers that will produce an updated video when your data changes. Imagine you change a photo of your product, or set a new price, no problem! Just call back the API and get a fresh, new video ad!

Meet our powerful, yet simple API

Rest and JSON

We've built REST from the base and use JSON for data interchange.

Solid and scalable

A rock solid platform ready to serve and autoscale on heavy loads.

Easy to integrate

Simplicity by design and well documented API. Integrate in few pomodoros!

Design. Build. Deliver Video Ads.

The possibilities are endless. Once you integrate TheMotion's API, you'll start getting more and more ideas for automating video ad production as part of your business flow. Video Ads can be distributed in social networks or embedded right into your site or app.

The API helps you get started easily and quickly. We're building great new features and enhancements all the time and we're expecting to deliver SDKs for your favorite languages. Have a nice idea for our API? Awesome! Just contact our developers and we'll look into it.

Got questions? We've got answers!

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How can I authenticate with API?

Security is important for us. All connections are encrypted and API works on HTTPS. You can authenticate to API with your specific tokens and API Key using headers.

Do I have to implement oAuth?

No, you only require authentication tokens and you are ready to go.

Can I produce multiple videos at once?

Oh yeah. That’s what this is all about! :) We've built a highly scalable platform and we're ready to produce any insane amount of videos you can think of. Bring it on!

Can I check the documentation publicly?

Not quite yet. But all you need to do is get your account created and then we'll give you API keys/tokens and access to complete documentation.

Do you already have SDKs?

We're working on it, and trying to put together the pieces to give you amazing SDKs so that you get started even faster.

Do you have an SDK for Lisp?

We love parenthesis until a point. But we didn't reach this specific one. Sorry we don't think we'll have this one soon :)

Read the full documentation

TheMotion has complete documentation for API, the video ad creation format and standard data as well as documentation that will help you enable the best video ad use cases. You'll unlock access to all this info once you get your account. What are you waiting for? Get started today.

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