5 Tips for Facebook Video Ad Marketing Success

Whether your goal is to raise brand awareness or drive sales, running video ad campaigns on Facebook needs to be part of your video marketing strategy. In the last few years, competition on Facebook has gotten increasingly tougher, and it is no longer possible for brands to rely just on the organic reach of their posts. Since Facebook’s constantly evolving platform often leaves companies feeling like they just can’t stay on top of things, all you need to do is follow these 5 tips, and you’ll be on your way to Facebook video ad marketing success.

1. The Shape of Things

You’ve heard it a million times: we live in a mobile-first world. Most times when our customers are on their phones, their holding them vertically so why are we still seeing so many video ads that are horizontal (16:9)? Now that we have the option to use square (1:1), or the even better vertical format, this is the way to go. The video takes up so much more of the screen, making it that much easier to capture a viewer’s attention.

2. Go Native or Go Home

Give your video ads an extra boost that doesn’t cost extra money by uploading them natively. Native videos are videos that are uploaded directly to the platform rather than, for example, via a YouTube link. Not only does Facebook’s algorithm give preference to native videos (which amounts to more exposure and engagement), but it also ensures that they will auto play, unlike their link-based counterparts.

3. A Clear Call to Action

Another benefit to adding your video natively is that you can easily give consumers an extra push with a CTA. At the end of the video, viewers will have two options: replay the video or click on a CTA. There are currently eleven options including Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Watch More, Sign Up and Download. Make sure you choose the option that is closest to what you want the user to do.

4. Spell It Out

A video will grab a user’s attention, but it can’t always communicate an important message on its own. Since all Facebook video ads autoplay with the sound off, it’s crucial that you highlight information with text overlays. When you create your video ad, use text to help tell the story, whether it’s about the sale price for a piece of clothing or the amenities at a hotel. If your video ad is intriguing enough, your viewer will tap the screen for sound. Make sure the audio gives even more value by bringing the story to life. A great soundtrack can go a long way to eliciting a feeling of excitement, relaxation, or whatever mood you want to give the viewer.


5. Aim for the Bullseye

You don’t want to pay for your video ads to be seen by irrelevant users but we can thank Facebook for making it pretty easy to hit your target audience. Facebook allows you to take advantage of so much of the data it has on its users it’s a crime if you don’t do it appropriately. You can easily build Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences not to mention targeting people by demographics (interests, incomes, behaviors) and life events. But, perhaps the most useful option, especially for e-commerce businesses, is Recent Purchases which gives you the opportunity to target people who recently bought clothes or food and beverage items or users who consider themselves Fashionistas or Foodies. Find out about Facebook targeting option here.

Bonus: Get More for Less

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