How an E-commerce Company Increased Its ROI 7X

Measuring and understanding the ROI of your marketing campaigns can make or break your business. Your ROI (return on investment) is calculated by looking at the amount of money you spend on campaigns and the return you get (conversions, brand awareness, etc.). By determining the ROI of different marketing campaigns, you can identify your highest performing channels and invest more in those efforts. The top priority for most companies, and advertising departments in particular, is find new ways to maximize their ROI.

A popular Spanish e-commerce brand, was in exactly this position and decided that the company would most likely benefit from utilizing video ad campaigns, a medium which has been shown to increase sales and brand awareness more than any other type of advertising. The e-commerce company partnered with TheMotion to create their Facebook video ad campaigns.

The Campaigns

The brand launched their video ad campaigns on Facebook through TheMotion's marketing partner, Adglow. The company chose Facebook as its distribution channel because the social media platform reaches its target customer and is known to be an important channel for e-commerce companies. As the company was looking to drive sales, it chose to run its campaigns during a two week period between Black Friday and Christmas. The company created nearly 70 video ads featuring a selection of its top 100 selling products.

The Results: The Brand Achieves Positive ROI

The results of the e-commerce company’s campaign were excellent. Overall, the company’s ROI increased by 300% and, in some cases, the results yielded an ROI 7X their investment. In addition, the campaigns’ CTR (click-through-rate) saw a constant and steady increase due to the TheMotion’s video ads which are optimized for performance.

The Bottom Line

The brand’s video ad campaigns produced by TheMotion and distributed on Facebook enabled the e-commerce company to increase ROI up to 7X. Achieving such high results proved that video ad campaigns were far superior to their static ad counterparts and were the driving force behind the brand’s increased sales and revenue.


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