How A Leading Hotel Company Doubled Its CTR with Video Ads

The Challenge

It is essential for brands to be able to adapt to ever-changing consumer needs and purchase behaviors. Today’s online experience is highly dominated by video and dynamic content, which represents about 72% of internet traffic. Users are increasingly demanding to consume information in video formats more than ever, and brands are trying to meet their customer's needs in the most innovative way possible, as companies all know that video ads drive customer conversion rates.

Meliá, a leader in the hotel industry, understands the need to embrace this trend and decided to launch a video ads campaign to promote its hotels in the most performant way.

The Campaign

Meliá decided to launch a product retargeting campaign for its most popular hotels in the Mexican market. TheMotion’s video ad rendering platform was used to create 30-second video ads for their top 20 hotel properties in 4 different formats for retargeting campaigns. Each day of the campaign TheMotion automatically generated new, updated videos for the same hotels, enabling Melia to test and optimize campaigns and CTAs. By implementing A/B tests that would examine the performance of static content versus video content, Melia would be able to evaluate the true impact of video ads by optimizing them in real-time. The campaign’s objective was to increase CVR (conversion rates) and CTR (click through rate).


The Results: The Brand Successfully Doubles Its CTR

Thanks to TheMotion’s solution, the video ad campaigns resulted in a higher CTR with than the static ads, even multiplying the CTR by 2. Due to the superior results of the video ads, the hotel leader decided to expand the campaign to additional markets, with continuously running campaigns in the UK.

The Bottom Line

Video ads not only doubled the CTR of campaigns but also gave Melia an edge by enabling the company to quickly and automatically produce new, optimized videos on a daily basis with just the click of a button. Melia is already expanding the campaigns to additional locations and across two other brands of the company including ME, its urban hotels and its luxury line Grand Meliá.

Video advertising is revolutionizing the industry, and the biggest players are already hopping on board. TheMotion video ads allow you to take retargeting to new levels: show the right message, at the right moment to the right user and generate conversions in the most dynamic and easy way possible thanks to TheMotion’s solution.

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