We partner up with Lengow to boost ecommerces' sales

We are pleased to announce the partnership we activated with Lengow, the ecommerce automation platform. In fact, TheMotion and Lengow have basically the same goal, which is to help ecommerces improve their performance in new ways.

Lengow is an automation solution that helps brands and distributors improve their performance across all distribution channels, be it marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, affiliate platforms and display/retargeting. Thanks to the platform, big industry players such as El Ganso, Mango, Decathlon, Fnac and many others (3600 clients in total) are already enjoying strong profitability and visibility on all their distribution channels. The company has been growing since 2009, being able to integrate more than 1,800 partners from 45 countries.

We are proud of this collaboration opportunity as we both believe this is a strategic alliance that will strengthen our presence in the ecommerce ecosystem, leveraging the potential of video advertising to engage users and boost online transactions.

For any brand which sells products and services online, this partnership represents a chance to open up a whole new range of revenue opportunities, thanks to a dedicated app available on the Lengow platform.

What video ads can do for the e-commerce ecosystem

At TheMotion we know that video ads are able to boost the performance of acquisition campaigns. Actually, video advertising campaigns are not only known to be able to cut CPA and multiply CTR, but they can also dramatically increase ROI, as one of our clients has recently experienced.

Check out here how the video ad campaigns produced by TheMotion and distributed on Facebook enabled them to yield an ROI 7X their investment, surpassing the goals they had set at the beginning of the campaign.