E-commerce Brand Creates 2.000 Video Ads and Drives Conversions


video ads



The challenge

In this digital era, competition has become tougher than ever. The company was looking for innovative ways to acquire new clients and noticing the increasing success that other e-commerce brands were having with video advertising campaigns on Facebook, they decided to explore this opportunity.

The solution

The brand decided to launch a client acquisition campaign on Facebook for the Argentinian market using TheMotion’s solution via their partner AdGlow. The campaign, which lasted for an entire month, consisted of a video ad for each product in their catalog, meaning more than 2.000 videos were running on Facebook every day. It was launched at the end of December, a peak season in terms of sales as it falls between Christmas and New Year.

E-commerce Video Ad Example

Furniture business

The results


Thanks to TheMotion’s video ads, the campaign resulted in a steady evolution of the CTR as this one was improving on a daily basis - ultimately leading to a decrease of the CPA by 50%. The company was so satisfied with the results that it decided to extend the campaign for an entire year, reaffirming the effectiveness of video as a client acquisition tool.