How A Leading Hotel Company Doubled Its CTR with Video Ads


new videos per day



The challenge


It is essential for brands to be able to adapt to ever-changing consumer needs and purchase behaviors. Today’s online experience is highly dominated by video and dynamic content, which represents about 72% of internet traffic. The company understood the need to embrace this trend and decided to launch a video ads campaign in the Mexican market to promote its hotels in the most performant way.

The solution

TheMotion’s video ad rendering platform was used to create 30-second video ads for their top 20 hotel properties in 4 different formats for retargeting campaigns. Each day of the campaign TheMotion automatically generated new, updated videos for the same hotels, enabling the hotels company to test and optimize campaigns and CTAs. By implementing A/B tests that would examine the performance of static content versus video content, the company would be able to evaluate the true impact of video ads by optimizing them in real-time.

Travel Video Ad Example

Hotel business


top hotel properties


different formats


with optimized videos



The results


Thanks to TheMotion’s solution, the video ad campaigns resulted in a higher CTR with than the static ads, even multiplying the CTR by 2. Due to the superior results of the video ads, the hotel leader decided to expand the campaign to its other sub-brands, with continuously running campaigns in the UK.