Video Ads Bring E-commerce Company Sales to New Heights


video ads




-50% CPA

The challenge

In the highly competitive e-commerce industry, getting your advertising campaigns in front of the right people at the right time is a must. Knowing this, a popular e-commerce brand started looking for an innovative way to differentiate itself and attract the attention of new customers.

The solution


TheMotion’s tech platform was a perfect match as the e-commerce brand was able to connect via an API and create 200 20 second campaigns on the spot. Each video was automatically rendered to include important product details, prices and images, all with the company’s unique branding. Within a few hours, all 200 campaigns were rendered and ready to be launched.

E-commerce Video Ad Example

Furniture business


Within few hours


with different videos Call to actions and claims


retargeting campaigns on Facebook



The results


Through TheMotion’s partner AdGlow, the company launched retargeting campaigns on Facebook. Simultaneously, they launched a brand awareness campaign on YouTube with TrueView and Pre-roll ads. The new video ads proved to be highly engaging, bringing new and returning clients back to the site. As conversion rates and brand awareness increased across these channels so did the company’s revenue, proving the value of customized video ad campaigns.