Video Ads on Facebook Enable E-commerce Brand to Achieve 15X ROI


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The challenge

By determining the ROI of different marketing campaigns, businesses can identify their highest performing channels and invest more in those efforts. The top priority for most companies, and advertising departments in particular, is find new ways to maximize their ROI. A popular Spanish e-commerce brand, was in exactly this position and decided that the company would most likely benefit from utilizing video ad campaigns.

The solution


The company’s initial video ad campaigns were centered on the brand’s top 75 fashion products. Knowing that most videos auto-play without sound, TheMotion used strategically placed text information mixed with eye-catching product images to ensure that viewers could easily understand the product details.

E-commerce Video Ad Example

Furniture business



TOP 75

fasion products





The results



Each video generated by TheMotion was just under 15 seconds, and the campaign ran for a total of 3 weeks. During the first week, the campaigns resulted in an 11X ROI. As the weeks progressed, the improvements continued. During the second and third weeks, the company saw a 12X ROI and 13X ROI, respectively. The accumulated ROI reached 15X, including the post-click sales, with the CPA progressively cut by an impressive 22%